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The Muskrat Watershed Council and Algonquin College Waterfront Campus partnered with Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation to bring the Love Your Lake program to Muskrat Lake in July 2017. Three summer students, Alexa Mantifel (Queen’s University), Brady Beaupre (Algonquin College), and Paul Cipriani (Algonquin College), as well as Agri-Environmental Research Intern Martyna Tomczynski (Algonquin College), participated in the program by surveying more than 300 properties over a two-week period. Muskrat Lake property owners Andy Laird and Dave Thomassin volunteered their time by taking the team to conduct the shoreline assessments by boat. Students input the information into the online Love Your Lake database that will generate a lake health report for each property owner, including a personalized and confidential assessment report of their property, available by spring 2018. These reports will provide helpful suggestions and information on the state of each shoreline property, as well as recommendations on how to build and/or maintain a healthy shoreline. Having a healthy shoreline is important; shorelines provide food and shelter for wildlife, protect against erosion and act as natural filtration systems.

From left: Algonquin College co-op student Paul Cipriani, Watersheds Canada summer student Alexa Mantifel, Agonquin College Agri-Environmental Research Intern Martyna Tomczynski and Watersheds Canada summer student Brady Beaupre, 2017

The Love Your Lake program shoreline assessment and the Natural Edge program for Muskrat Lake were certainly a success! We would like thank everyone for their support and cooperation. If you live on the lake, please stay tuned for your personalized and confidential report coming spring 2018.

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