Algonquin College students building a multi-level retaining wall on a waterfront property on Muskrat Lake, as part of their community project to reduce the effects of erosion and nutrient loading, 2016

Anyone who has an interest in the Muskrat Watershed area is eligible to be a member of the MWC provided they pay an annual membership fee of $20.00.

Members are encouraged to:


• Attend the regular meetings of the MWC and participate in                     discussions and express their opinions;

• Attend the Annual General Meetings of the MWC to vote on

  issues and resolutions;

• Participate in activities that promote and enhance the watershed.

Any member with a keen interest in the watershed is qualified to run for election to Executive positions on the Board at the Annual General Meeting of MWC. Membership fees can only be changed by a majority vote of members at the Annual General Meeting.

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