Muskrat Lake Watershed: Water Quality Monitoring Network

MLK-02 Lake Profile


Lake Profile Description: In-situ measurements of temperature and dissolved oxygen at the deepest spot of Muskrat Lake (up to 64 m) are routinely captured using a multi-parameter probe at various depths along the entire water column to observe changes in thermocline and differences in dissolved oxygen gradient.


Method: The multi-parameter probe is lowered to the bottom of the lake at the deep site where the datalogger begins to record the temperature and dissolved oxygen every 2 seconds. The probe is slowly pulled up to the surface, at which a sample is collected for lab analysis. The recorded data is then graphed against depth in meters, which can be viewed below.

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Water samples are collected by Algonquin College (Pembroke) Environmental Technician co-op students and analyzed by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Laboratory Services Branch.

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