Muskrat Lake Watershed: Water Quality Monitoring Network



Location: Admaston/Bromley Township

Easting - 347843

Northing - 5055143

Water Quality Monitoring Status:

April 2014 - Present

Station Description: This station captures the contribution of water quality conditions just before the Snake River enters the Snake River marsh. Is it located downstream of most of the agricultural inputs into the Snake River and Mink Creek systems. This station is influenced by the Mink Creek, the Harris municipal drain and the O’Gorman Agnew municipal drain, capturing the contribution of a significant part of the watershed before it enters the Snake River marsh. Six stations are located along the Snake River which provide an understanding of how water quality is changing as it moves through the Snake River system.



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Water samples are collected by Algonquin College (Pembroke) Environmental Technician co-op students and analyzed by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Laboratory Services Branch.

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