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There are many benefits to aerating lake water. Aeration reduces sedimentation, muck accumulation and water odour. It increases water clarity, reduces weed growth, improves fish health and population and improves the overall ecosystem. But most significantly, the increased oxygen and water circulation reduces the phosphate and nutrient load, which makes blue-green algae struggle to grow.


The overall goal of the Muskrat Watershed Council’s beach aeration project was to improve water quality at Cobden Beach. The old aeration system did indeed realize some good improvements and benefits. But after a recent review of the results, it became clear that although we were on the right track, we needed to do more.


We contacted water quality specialists at Pond Pro Canada, who helped us design a new system with increased air volume and output.  In early June, we installed the new system at Cobden Beach. Two compressors were replaced with high-volume, high-output marine grade models.  Six diffusers were also replaced with high-volume, high-output, commercial-grade models.  We also inspected all lines as part of the upgrade.


When the job was done, our volunteers watched in anticipation as the new compressors were turned on. As soon as we heard the motor start, we immediately saw more and bigger bubbles. It was clear just how much more powerful the new system is.


This new aeration system needs to be inspected and maintained monthly, so you may see Muskrat Watershed Council volunteers working on the beach and compressors throughout the summer.  We ask beach goers to please leave all lines and diffusers alone – they work best when not interfered with.  We are also asking people to avoid fishing within the beach area. Most importantly, this will ensure the safety of beach goers and swimmers, but it will also avoid costly repairs to the aeration system.  


With the higher output of air, we are confident that you will see a noticeable improvement in water quality at the beach this summer.

This upgrade project was possible with the help MWC members, volunteers and donations.

Currently, Michael Walt is maintaining this system.

MWC is confident this project will be successful in the coming years and will bring the community together again at Cobden beach. Thank you again to everyone who helped make this possible!

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