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Property Owner Pre-Registration: Cottage Shoreline Renaturalization Project

Register to participate in the Cottage Shoreline Renaturalization Project

Property Owner Pre-Registration: Cottage Shoreline Renaturalization Project
Property Owner Pre-Registration: Cottage Shoreline Renaturalization Project

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Are you a cottage owner residing within the Muskrat Watershed passionate about preserving the beauty and ecological balance of your shoreline? We are excited to announce a unique opportunity for you to participate in a special initiative aimed at promoting sustainability and environmental conservation. Join the Muskrat Watershed Council and Algoquin College's Waterfront Campus in planting 50 native trees, shrubs, and plants along your shoreline to reduce erosion, create habitat for both pollinators and wildlife, and improve water quality by filtering out run-off.

By participating in this initiative, you will play a vital role in protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of your cottage's surroundings. Native trees, shrubs, and plants are specifically chosen for their ability to adapt to the local environment, making them resilient and well-suited for shoreline conditions. Their root systems work as natural anchors, helping to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion caused by water currents and wave action. Additionally, these plants provide crucial habitat for a wide range of pollinators and wildlife, including birds, butterflies, and small mammals. By increasing biodiversity, you will create a thriving ecosystem that supports the balance of nature, while enjoying the beauty and serenity of a vibrant cottage landscape. Furthermore, the selected native vegetation acts as natural filters, effectively reducing the impact of run-off from surrounding areas. This helps improve water quality in nearby lakes or rivers, ultimately benefiting the entire ecosystem. The plants will absorb excess nutrients and sediment, preventing them from reaching the water, and contribute to the overall health of the aquatic environment. Our team will guide you through the process, offering advice on selecting the most suitable native trees, shrubs, or plants for your shoreline. We will also provide necessary resources, such as planting guides and maintenance tips, to ensure your efforts yield long-lasting benefits. Don't miss this chance to make a positive impact on your cottage's shoreline and contribute to a healthier environment. Join us in this exciting initiative and witness the transformation of your shoreline into a thriving and sustainable ecosystem. Together, let's create a legacy of ecological stewardship for future generations to cherish.

If interested, simply fill out the required information below and click "Register". Your name and contact information will be added to our list of property owners to contact concerning this project. 

Please note: we have a limited number of properties this year that we can plant but hope to make this program an annual occurance. So if you are interested, please register. 


What are the requirements to particpate?

Participants must own residential waterfront property within the Muskrat Watershed. These waterbodies include:  Muskrat Lake, Olmstead Jeffrey Lake, Mink Lake, Lake Dore, Muskrat River, Snake River, Mink Creek. These waterbodies reside within the Townships of North Algona Wilberforce, Township of Laurentian Valley, Township of Admaston/Bromley, Township of Whitewater Region and City of Pembroke.

What happens after I register?

You name and contact information will be added to a particpant waitlist. Late summer, early fall selected participants will be contacted to set up an initial site visit where owners meet with representatives from the Muskrat Watershed Council and Algonquin College to see the proposed planting site and help choose the prefered vegetation. At preference of the landowner, a digital or physical  planting plan is then generated and sent to the property owner for signed approval.

When does the physical planting begin?

The physical shoreline planting begins mid to late fall during the month of October when the plants are dormant. By doing so, it elminates alot of the stresses observed by plants if transplanted in the spring such as heat stress and transplant shock. 

Is there additional plant care after the project is completed?

The inital installation of plants will be done with a combination of council members, community volunteers and Environmental Technician students from Algonquin College's Waterfront Campus. All of these groups on the day of planting are required to sign a volunteer form ensuring that none of the projects involved parties are held liable for any potential injuries on the day of planting. For optimum plant survival in the following year it is recommended that landowners maintan plants as they would any young seedling, ensuring that they have adequate amounts of water come the following spring and summer. 

Are there any costs associated with this project?

Currently the Muskrat Watershed Council asks that landowners cover 10% of the total cost of plants. That being said, we are activitly seeking addition external funding to either lower that percent or eliminate it entirely so it is free of charge for participating landowners. 

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