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For summer/fall 2016, the MWC received funding through the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund, funded by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks. The funding was specifically allotted for shoreline enhancement to reduce nutrients, like phosphorous and nitrogen, from entering the waterways as well as reducing erosion.


The MWC hired a summer co-op student, Martyna Tomczynski, to coordinate the initial shoreline assessments along with two Algonquin College Office of Applied Research summer co-op students.

In fall 2016, Algonquin College’s Office of Applied Research and the Environmental Technician Program helped execute the shoreline enhancement projects based on the initial assessments completed in the summer by the co-op students. Four Muskrat Lake shoreline properties were enhanced, as well as 4 farmland properties along Mink Creek and Snake River. Students were guided by field professionals throughout the duration of the projects, which enhanced their learning as well as our own.


Native trees and shrubs, as well as some clover seed were planted to help control erosion and enhance nutrient uptake. On two properties, natural retaining walls were installed to help combat more serious erosion problems.

To learn more about the projects from the Environmental Technician class of 2016, read the final report or visit the class website.

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